Spoke 6 Age-It
Silver economy. Work, participation, retirement and welfare

About Age-It
A novel public-private alliance to generate socioeconomic, biomedical and technological solutions for an inclusive Italian ageing society

Age-It is a research programme focused on the consequences and challenges posed by population ageing in Italy. The objective of Age-It is to guarantee Italy the leadership in research on ageing, generating a "research value chain", which is based on a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, proposing technological methodologies and solutions and organizational models that facilitate active and healthy ageing.

Age-It aims to provide innovative solutions in response to social, environmental and economic changes and to establish a basis for a welfare system that actively participates in the country's recovery, in line with the provisions of the World Health Organization. The approach is the dynamic one of the "life cycle", highlighting the relationships between health, working capacity, family and social relationships, the participation in the political life and the economic system. The activities of Age-It are in accordance with the objectives and priorities of the National Research Plan (NRP) 2021-2027.

Age-It. Aging well in an ageing society

Ca' Foscari University plays a key role within Age-It partnership as Spoke Leader for Spoke 6 dedicated to "Silver Economy. Work, participation, retirement and welfare" with an important presence of the Department of Economics, under the coordination of Prof. Agar Brugiavini. Overall, Spoke 6 activities aim to strengthen senior citizens' ability to make decisions, lead full and autonomous lives and improve their well-being.

Spoke 6 Age-It
Silver economy. Work, participation, retirement and welfare

Spoke 6, coordinated by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, investigates the role of the silver economy for inclusive society, economy and welfare policies.

Among others, the topics analyzed are:

  • Increase participation in the labor market of senior citizens for work activities that have "value and meaning"
  • Promote the "green" transition and the digital transition by removing barriers and encouraging the diffusion of knowledge
  • Promote a cultural process of full integration of senior citizens into society, through actions at individual and community level (financial literacy, healthy literacy)
  • Encourage senior citizens' participation in society, especially post-retirement

Empowering the skills and knowledge of senior citizens, in order to decide independently and improve their well-being.



  • UNICATT - Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
  • INPS - Italian Social Security Institute
  • CNR - National Research Council
  • UNICAL - University of Calabria
  • UNINA - University of Naples Federico II
  • GENERALI - Generali Italy S.p.A.